Legume Science特刊征稿 | 基于大豆的产品

Legume Science特刊征稿 | 基于大豆的产品

Legume Science特刊征稿 | 基于大豆的产品

Legume Science特刊征稿


Edited By: Jasim Ahmed and Richard Thompson

Legume Science is intended to be the leading international journal for the publication and dissemination of high-impact research from across the entire spectrum of legume science. The journal further supports communication of research outputs and collaboration among this interdisciplinary field as a gold open-access publication. Legume Science’s broad scientific scope covers all aspects of legume research. Areas of focus include plant science, agronomy, food science and technology, packaging, environmental science and sustainability, plant–microbe interactions, food security, human health, and nutrition. Papers describing research on the applications of legumes for both food and non-food uses will also be welcome. In addition to timely reviews and high-impact research articles, the journal will also be a prime source of news and views appraising the status and future visions of specific areas of legume science and rapid communications from community leaders. Papers submitted to Legume Science should be innovative, novel and offer new insights into the research area of legume science.

Legumes are known to be high nutritional value food crops in terms of their high protein, starch, fiber, minerals and vitamin contents. They have functional effects on foods such as taste and texture improvement. It has been established that the consumption of legumes and legume-based diets contribute to a balanced diet and can avert some chronic diseases, including type 2 diabetes mellitus, obesity and weight management, and cardiovascular diseases. Recent progress has focused on unravelling the beneficial properties of legumes beyond satisfying simple nutrient requirements. Various studies have been undertaken to improve the quality and nutritional value of foods by the incorporation of legume flour, starch or protein to these products.
The consumption pattern of legumes is controlled by many factors. Some people are vegetarians by choice or religion, and furthermore, a recent switch among people from meat-based food to plant-based food has significantly increased the demand for legume-based proteins globally. The huge race for the extraction of protein leaves behind a major starch and fiber residues. This raises a challenge among researchers and industries to handle these protein-derived by-products in a meaningful way. Development of legume starch-based food products or incorporation of legume ingredients in food formulation could be the best strategy to handle the excess production. Legume-based ingredients can be used in many food products such as baked, fried and meat products. Besides food products, legume-based ingredients can also be used in food packaging, nano starch and biopolymer production, pharmaceutical formulation, and other non-food uses.
This special issue will be focused on studies on the uses of legumes or legume-based ingredients either individually or in various food products such as baked products, fried and savory products and also in food packaging and biopolymers.
The issue will include original research articles and reviews. We also welcome papers that present new databases, tools and methods. The instructions for Legume Science authors, including details of article types, can be found at: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/page/journal/26396181/homepage/author-guidelines



Prof. Dr. Gulum Sumnu  
Middle East Technical University, Department of Food Engineering
Email: gulum@metu.edu.tr   
Prof. Dr. Serpil Sahin
Middle East Technical University, Department of Food Engineering
Email: serp@metu.edu.tr

Please submit your manuscripts at: 
indicating their destination for the Special Issue on Legume-based Products, by the February 15, 2021
The Guest Editors should be contacted for questions about the suitability of an envisaged manuscript (gulum@metu.edu.trserp@metu.edu.tr)
editorial office, legumescience@wiley.com
Stephen Shen, sshen@wiley.com



Legume Science特刊征稿 | 基于大豆的产品

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